6/29/2024 – On My Own…Again

6/6/2024 – I Love & Miss You, Mom. Remembering our last glorious times together.

4/29/2k24 – The last time I saw mom alive

4/14/2024 – Watching Mom Die, Slowly

2/16/2k24 – Our Mom/Son Chat…after so many years.

2/12/2k24 – To Live and Die in LA?…Maybe. Maybe Not.

2/11/2k24 – Sunset in Honolulu/Reflections of Los Angeles

2/9/2k24 – Completing a Promo/Facing Diabetes

1-28-2k24 Very Grateful for my Family

1-24-2024 2 Weeks to the day…2 jobs!

1-9-24 My last day at work

1-5-24 Sheila & Leonard’s Visit before I fly off

12-29-23 Special Thanks to all!

Happy New Year to Honolulu

Somebody cut this guy’s throat & duct taped his neck…

11-5-2k3 – FLASHBACK! In the blink of an eye!

12-4-2k23 – Don’t Snap, Necromancer

12-3-23 I met a doomed, young man in hell one morning…

12-2-23 – The Pain is Why I am Here, I think

CJ Davidson’s Los Angeles 12/1/23

The Healing Summer of 2019

Karin is diagnosed with Brain Cancer, 5-17-18…1 Year Later

Leaving Hawaii

Lovely Karin-Marie Jacobi

CJ’s Story – Staying in Hawaii

Unity 3D Development for the Neptune 9

CJ’s Story – Book Excerpt – Page 1


The Adventures of Kitty McVixon


The August Dog Days


Nuclear Holocaust or The Ultimate Reality Show into Oblivion

Do you have a plan?

The Political Page

Reason Vs. The Irrational Mind

Life in KoreaTown

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