2/9/2k24 – Completing a Promo/Facing Diabetes

Well, the verdict is in and my diabetes is way out of control landing me somewhere around 415, 4 times where I should be. The good news is my kidneys and the rest are in splendid shape with a minimum of nerve damage. So now I’m left with eating only the healthy shit in the pantry and fridge. Fuck!

Doc says he will refer me to a hand specialist, but says it will take a long time.

There’s more good news! I have a job where I work after 3pm. My stepfather is home by then to take care of my mom so she’s only alone for an hour. The first job, helping special needs folks was a perfect fit, but I needed to be with my mother in the mornings. She needed me and so I had to resign last week. I had 2 other job offers, but they didn’t allow me the time I needed with mom.

Competition is scarce. I applied online on Wednesday. He emailed me Thursday. He interviewed and hired me today by telephone. I start on Monday after I pick up my TB info. I get FULL BENEFITS, UNION, the whole schmear. Al the need to do now, is slather my balls with peanut butter…

It appears what they say is true: Nobody wants to work around here or they are afraid of the second pandemic…or all the above. Add to the fact the pandemic took a hefty chunk of the population with it. The stats say around 5k, but it has to be more, since their excluding homeless that seems a fraction of what it was when I was here 5 years ago.

I’m competing with dead people. It pays to be a survivor.

But wait there’s more good news. It appears all that love and prayers I’ve been pouring on mom is paying off! Mom’s been up and walking every day of the week and twice today!!!! Her physical therapist, Jason was quite impressed. After all, she was sleeping all day when I arrived and now, I have given her many reasons to live. Now she is awake all day, reading her gossip rags, filling her head with crappola! You go mom! 😛

“Your big dog is here now, Mom.” I whispered in her ear. “We can keep going.” Reassuring her we love her and I am here for her.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, as I look and feel leaner and meaner for living in the harsh and somewhat, deadly environment of Los Angeles.

Indeed, so will my mother as she gets stronger every day, shaking off the effects of alcohol abuse and family neglect. It appears we have given each other reasons to live. Thanks again, Mom.

Special thanks to Darren and Joycelyne for rescuing me…again.

I am walking on sunshine, folks! I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.

CJ Davidson,

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