1-28-2k24 Very Grateful for my Family

I am so grateful to be here helping my Mother and stepfather, Chris. It has been 30 years (minus the 6-month sabbatical here in Honolulu when Karin-Marie passed in 2018)., away from my precious family.
They are so loving now that they know I am here for them in every way possible. I have acquired 2 jobs within 2 weeks of landing here, determined to give them a better life.
Poor, Chris is nearly blind and has taken care of my mother for over 25 years and I love him so much for it. I am so fortunate he has been here for me and my mother. I am here now to help him, financially and every way possible.
They are my focus. The 43″ UHD flat screen and other boxes lost in shipping…Who cares? It can all be replaced. After 30 years of neglect, only my family matters now. Then CANNOT be replaced and I want to spend as much time with them as I can.
Mom is walking better and now she feels a reason to live since I’ve been here, cleaning, showering her with kisses and hugs and being there for her when I’m not working.
For my next miracle, I’ll unite my family by bringing my MAGA-douche brother, Mike back into the fold. Mom and Mike had a “falling out” with typical stepson-stepdad issues, so I will have to conjure up some magik from the “Old Guard”, if you will.
When mom was nearly gone, I called him, crying on a voice mail she was almost gone back in 2020. He came back and she made a full recovery.
Mike is featured here with my grandmother, Ruby-June at his Army graduation. I am so proud of my brother. I miss my grandmother. He and my mother worked on a family business here in Hawaii doing quite well for over 20+ years.
“One day at a time, Daddyoo” As Karin says.
And so it goes.
I just made mom and Chris a mid-western breakfast with scrambled eggs with cheeses, onion and ham and a side-order of chopped potatoes and onions all FRIED in butter, like grandma taught me.
The cool ocean air passes through the apartment and cleanses my lungs as it cools my skin. It is so relaxing here.
As the afternoon approaches, its nearly time to head for Waikik and give the folks some time alone.
Of course, I’ll post a #Livevideo from Waikiki, Hawaii.
Stay blessed all! 🙂

CJ Davidson,

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