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CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9 – Webisodes 1 – 4

www.thatotherwebshow.com3/2/19 The 5th Episode – Ready or Not.

Hey fans! Sorry for not updating the website since November, but as you read I was working through my loss issues which you can read about in my new blog post, Lovely Karin-Marie Jacobi.

In addition to the recurring character, “Himey” (the gay, Jewish, Nazi-zombie), I’ve unveiled our spanking new, autocrat, Tre Bouchet (yes, its a font) has been introduced as a suspect who contracted to annihilate the Neptune 9 crew, as seen in the Halloween Debut back in October. I’ve also established the local, corrupt police-person, Chief Greasepalm.

In writing the script, I’m learning the story line is following a standard pattern, which slowly unfolds much like many series. One of the many narrative devices I have yet to use is flashing back to the character’s foreshadowing to back in the 80’s after their graduation from KGB school. Did I mention who was their Commandant/instructor?

https://www.thatotherwebshow.comAt the risk of giving spoiler alerts, I just want to say I’ve got a massive story plot unfolding in my head, but due to the slow processing power to render (I’m rendering the last scene as I type this).  Soon, I will have GoFundMe and IndieGoGo page. But as we all know, this all takes time and I don’t know how long Karin’s precious Lenovo will hold out as I pile up hours upon hours of CPU time upon it.

This is where you folks come in. If anyone would care to helping me acquire a new CPU or would be interested in co-producing the show, my PaPal account name is Your name will be given credit on the series AND you will receive 50% of all sponsorship revenues.

I am also hiring sales and marketing people to help me get the word out. If interested, please email me at Thank you!

TOWS Artists Spotlight

Since interviewing Olivia Koringa and her husband for her magnificent “Obama Sphere” 11 years ago, her style has become quite distinctive.  I wish I had that video, but time makes us lose cool stuff. It is my pleasure to present the Art of Olivia Korringa.

Perhaps one of the most eclectic bands in SVF, The Valley Boys has warmed the hearts of Burbank and surrounding areas for many years. Heard mostly in the Burbank Elks Club. THE VALLEY BOYS are Dave Dion, Dan Carter and John Erickson. A classic rock trio.

One of Hawaii’s Best Artists, Patrick Ching has brought the beauty of Hawaii to the rest of the world. His vision and style is pure eye-candy, luring tourists, students and anyone who appreciates great Hawaiian art. It is my pleasure to present, The Art of Patrick Ching. Other Web Show Rate Card & Press Release:
CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9 Press Release
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