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Notes from Production Hell:
CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9: Season 1 – Webisode 1

Behind every story is an even bigger story, at least that’s what I’ve seen. This is especially true for this story..
It looks like I finally made it. I have most of the characters I need and I finally broke down and fixed the site.

Since Karin was diagnosed with brain cancer, it’s been an uphill battle, but somehow I got this far. This project has truly defined who I am.
I’ve come full circle and live to tell the tale that encompasses a non-forgiving and cruel city.It is here I found my strength and resolve to keep Karin and this project alive despite the setbacks. It has brought out the best in me, the worst and the humanity within my soul if such a thing exists.

Who the FUCK is Kitty McVixon?!?!?!?

Kitty McVixon is a composite of all the wild and dangerous women I’ve known in Los Angeles since I arrived here in 1993.  And so, after drowning in Russian, spies, domestic spies and the such, it occurs to me to create my own world and mesh it with the current unbridled reality. Without giving too much away, I thought I’d give the world, not only a glimpse into ghoulish Los Angeles existence, but a snapshot of my creative ooze. I could write my ass off, but as, Rush (the band, not the pig) says, “Show, don’t tell.” And so here it is, my magna opus, “CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9”.

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