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It is my honor to present to you, the inner workings of my mind for the last 2 to 3 years regarding the production of character animation. About this time last year, the darkest year of my life, I cooked up the #surreal and #insane story line called Neptune 9. of 3 washed out , antiquated, KGB agents, registered it at the Writer’s Guild and worked my ass off! It was my therapy and as I developed this weird acid trip, I used current events and incidents to keep the story #fresh and #intriguing. please send feedback at I’m almost done with  #webisode 6! Stay tuned! Some of you have told me how angry Neptune 9 – Webisode 1 was.  🙂 Enjoy!

December 28 – End of Year Update: I’ve added the new Artist Spotlight and James Truax Memorial pages. I was quite shaken by the sudden loss of my friend, James Truax. I created a page here to immortalize his work, friendship and presence here on a rough and unforgiving world. Here’s to you, James! Bless you!

CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9 – Webisodes 1 – 6

https://www.thatotherwebshow.com21 Top Native American Organizations to Know

Diversity Best Practices has curated a list of key organizations serving the Native American community. Information about additional organizations is available in WOW!Facts. Please see how you can help native American people and their struggle to exist in their own homeland.

The Forgotten Plight of the Native Americans
When it comes to the harsh difficulties many Native Americans face every day, the saying “out of sight, out mind” hits home. Many people have only a vague sense of the serious past and present injustices suffered by Native Americans. From the very beginning, starting with Christopher Columbus’ voyages to the Bahamas, we get a sad introduction of how Europeans, Americans and Canadians would steal from, enslave and kill Native Americans largely for their land and natural resources. More…