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It is my honor to present to you, the inner workings of my mind for the last 2 to 3 years regarding the production of character animation. About this time last year, the darkest year of my life, I cooked up the #surreal and #insane story line called Neptune 9. of 3 washed out , antiquated, KGB agents, registered it at the Writer’s Guild and worked my ass off! It was my therapy and as I developed this weird acid trip, I used current events and incidents to keep the story #fresh and #intriguing. please send feedback at I’m almost done with  #webisode 6! Stay tuned! Some of you have told me how angry Neptune 9 – Webisode 1 was.  🙂 Enjoy!

December 28 – End of Year Update: I’ve added the new Artist Spotlight and James Truax Memorial pages. I was quite shaken by the sudden loss of my friend, James Truax. I created a page here to immortalize his work, friendship and presence here on a rough and unforgiving world. Here’s to you, James! Bless you!

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