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Hi there! CJ here!

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I haven;t been around much. I need more hours in a day and being a family man, I try to spend as much time with my loved ones as I possibly can.

Let me introduce them to you.
This is my soulmate, Lovely Karin-Marie:
https://www.thatotherwebshow.com/Here we are at The Hollywood Bowl during a Spamalot break. We’ve been together for 15 years and we will be celebrating our anniversary here on Facebook next month.

https://www.thatotherwebshow.com/I also have two more family members named Queen Cleopatra, a Pharaoh Hound  and King Rex, a Yellow Lab mix.

A few years ago, I covered the Hollywood band scene from venues like The Dragonfly, The Cat Club, The Rainbow Room, The Whiskey-A-GoGo and numerous Los Angeles interviews and  events. After 10 years, I thought I’d share these adventures with you, including behind the scenes footage from bands like Jenna Syde and the Watchers, Red Roses, Death on The Radio, Of Bitter Flowers, The Lazy Stalkers and many more names and faces you just might know. Below are compilations from a live stream I did a couple weeks ago.

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