James Truax Memorial

I met James Truax in March of 2011 when Darren MJ Miller-Pfeufer introduced me to him as a videographer. Together,  Darren James and I and Karin created this incredible account of an infamous night at the now defunct Cat Club called “TOWS/ Self-Inflicted: Jeremiah Saint & Cherry Skulls Pre-show Interview” The early 2010’s were a great time to shoot video in Hollywood and Los Angeles and James and I did quite a bit of work together. In the above slideshow, are videos we did in 2013 at Boardners in the heart of Hollywood. Along with his personal work, I will gladly accept all media and text anyone has done with James throughout the years. Its been a pleasure knowing you, James, Truax. I will treasure your memory here as long possibly can. RIP, buddy.

Darren MJ Miller-Pfeufer

James and I were not extremely tight friends, but I have known him a long time and we worked together. He helped me out with my Self-in-flict-ed show and we have a lot of mutual friends. It’s sad that addiction got him and took his life too soon. He will be missed, this is terrible, but I don’t want people to think that I am not ok. I know there has been a lot of death lately with friends and some much closer than others, these people are way too young to die, but we are still here and you can’t take life for granted.

CJ Davidson
James Truax was there for me when I returned to LA. He sent me a few of his pieces to choose from for an animation I was going to do. I chose this one as it fits into the story line. His art was quite distinctive and his style was developing. He definitely had the Edger Allen Poe thing going. I met James around 2011 through Darren MJ Miller-Pfeufer when we shot videos at the Cat Club. This is where Karin and I met James, Leah GillenYvonne HuntJeremiah Saint and a slew of local bands. I posted a tribute on his art page, but you can’t see it unless it’s approved and I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. I’ll have a full tribute to James on my FB and/or web show page, but he will be remembered, with dignity and love. I’ll miss you, buddy

13th Sky

Hi CJ. Yes, We only have 2nd hand info but we heard from a friend that went to visit him and everything from James and his wife’s apartment was gone and the manager said that James had passed away after a heart attack. After his spiritual trip to Spain he was supposed to meet us in Bakersfield to film the gig on July 6th. When I tried to contact him everything was blank. I feared the worst but this info came in last month that he had past away. He had always spoke highly of you. James Truax was played live drums with 13th Sky along with band mates Steven Jennings, Doug Peyton and Richard Coal from 2012- 2014 He also recorded on the “Virtue” EP. Rest in Peace. ~ 13th Sky

This is James, I’m a painter living in The San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. My mission statement as an artist is to provide original, quality, one-of-a-kind paintings for collectors and home/business-owners looking to add some wall art to their net worth. I began the project of producing artworks in 2017 and all my paintings are from December 2017 to present. I have roughly 100 works currently ready to be shipped or picked up from my studio.

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