1-24-2024 2 Weeks to the day…2 jobs!


I didn’t want to report back that I was out of money…which I am ($2.46 left in the bank).

The new job has me overseeing special needs people and I am overjoyed! This is “caring” and love my sweet Karin-Marie has taught me as she whispers in my ear, guiding me to the path of redemption and salvation.

I love sitting on the balcony or the veranda. The cool ocean breeze sweeps across my skin. The clean fresh air cleanses my polluted lungs. Every night, I feel my body muscles and psyche relax.

My mother is greatly improving. I believe the daily kisses I shower upon her has given her a new reason to live. I have neglected my family for too long, although much has been out of my hands such as the feud between my brother and my mother and my stepfather.

 I have cleaned much in the apartment, but it requires a professional deep cleaning. They spent $800 for extermination massive infestations. I sweep up the bugs as a daily routine.

It appears my 43” flatscreen and 2 boxes are lost. The post office sends General Delivery back to the airport. The tracking number says it went back to sender, probably back to LA where it is most likely…gone.

Everything can be replaced except a bag of Karin-Marie memories. Perhaps they will find their way back to me. Perhaps not.

In any case, I will accept any losses and be grateful to be here with my family. The shit can be replaced. The family cannot.

CJ Davidson,

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