Happy New Year to Honolulu

My last vlog from Hollywood and Highland

Well as you may have heard, I’m on my way to Honolulu, again to help my Mom and stepfather. I leave the 10th.

1-5-23 Sheila and Leonard’s Visit before I fly off.

Today started busy as Michelle helped me acquire masking tape, wrapping paper and a couple boxes at Staples. I caught the bus to the Valley and focused on my friends for what may a final visit, depending on my mother’s outcome.

As I hugged my friends, I sent them the healing energy I could before I left. I was quite sad leaving for home, knowing I may not see my old friend, Leonard. He has prostate cancer. But my faith, hope and healing power will get him and Shiela through. I told them I would return in a few months since I get sick of Honolulu quite quickly.

1-6-23 Packing up the studio

Today, my goal is getting the 43” flat screen, wrapped addressed and mailed to General Delivery. I’d never done this before, but I realize through the power of my recovery, everything will be ok.

CJ Davidson,

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