12-4-2k23 – Don’t Snap, Necromancer

It’s quite angry and frustrating quadrant of life, This Los Angeles, California, United States of America. There are so many conflicting conclusions, contradictions and concepts, they seem to rip apart logic and learning. In which case, you’re at war with the world AND YOUR OWN THINKING…which was completely wrong.

Without knowing, the common human psyche has 2 paths to choose from: The mind snaps, resulting in predictable, nasty outcomes. One day I watched the Sheriffs bus load of “guests” ahead of my bus. I had another rough day, but not as rough as these folks will have in a few moments. Bound for a destination, too unbearable to consider, Sheriff’s bus is a stark reminder of what happens when we “ALLOW” that SNAP TO OCCUR.

The second is quite obvious and less stressful: You become part of the landscape, blend in with the local folk and make few waves. Picking the right group to blend in with was not a challenge: Urban Goth.

Why? Because death 💀 is everywhere you go. It’s referenced though the copses referenced on the sidewalk, souvenirs and various items of shit. Death seeps through the walls of every building and structure, for those with perhaps more psychic abilities than most.

Clearly I hold the “power” of Necromancy, learned early in Catholic School praying to statues and the such. Relatives spent some our vacation time visiting cemeteries and mausoleums. My Grandfather noticed that one day and thought it strange. I did too until recently. I could always feel the presence of the diseased still with me, but could never UNDERSTAND fully until Karin-Marie passed.

“Ok Necromancer. Talk to Karin.” But I don’t need to. She speaks to me and NOW I listen. More on this later.

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