11-5-2k3 – FLASHBACK! In the blink of an eye!

Of course unless we write these experiences down, no one will ever know, now will they?
Clearly I find it easy to write, even in public here on Hollywood and Highland before work.
I shot a video to show my recovery.

Oh yes, Necromancy. Most of us have tried to channel the dead simply out of sadness, but their energy hangs around, usually around those they love. While living with Karin-Marie at Park Point. A tenant died in the small jacuzzi, so no one did their perverse acts there…I hear. From what I understand she was a nurse with multiple health issues Those who knew her, say they did not blame her. 

I asked a guy soaking why no one was using the small jacuzzi.
A guy replied it felt creepy to play where a dead person dusted themselves.
“I’m sure they changed  the water when they fished her out.” I mused.
He wasn’t amused.
“I meant spiritually.” He replied.
“Like how?” I asked.
“I feel like she’s watching me while I play with someone’s goodies.” He admitted.
I laughed. 

“Well, unfortunately,” I explained, “SOMEONE has died EVERYWHERE, even where we sit, probably millions or people. Everywhere. Watching us. What about all the nastiness and fuckery you’ve committed in front of other dead people like relatives and grandparents. Have you done anything your grandma would watch you doing?”

He freaked out a bit, knowing what I said was true.

CJ Davidson,

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