Somebody cut this guy’s throat & duct taped his neck…

Within those incredible 3-5 seconds, I could instantly tell he had been freshly beaten to an ungodly pulp, to the point of a gruesome death.

Hello folks.

Here’s a story that will rip your hear apart, or it least it did mine.

I usually grab a shitty cup of coffee before work at the local 7/11 where the transients and derelicts hang around begging for money and cigarettes. As I was walking out with my coffee, from the corner of my eye someone wearing pink pants asked me,

            “Hey you got the time?”

I only caught the pants from the corner of my eye, never responding. I walked over to my usual spot and sipped my coffee. As I did, I head the same guy wearing pink pants, far to my right yelling,

“Yeah, fuck you too!” he yelled. It was odd I didn’t have the buds blasting this shit out as usual.

From the corner of my eye, the guy with pink pants hobbled past me slowly. He did not “limp”. He hobbled like a wounded animal after being mauled.

Within those incredible 3-5 seconds, I could instantly tell he had been freshly beaten to an ungodly pulp, to the point of a gruesome death. Those 3 to 5 seconds took my breath away and prompted this story.

His face was completely smashed, nose broken bloody contusions covered his head. He still had his upper teeth so he could still say, “Yeah fuck you too!”.

His lips and eyes were swollen, with blood trickling down the side of his face I could see. Whomever worked over this 5’8” homeless derelict, concentrated on his entire face.

His left arm was holding what appeared to be a dislocated right arm, bending in the wrong direction, twisted in the socket, I believe.

He was hobbling from what seemed to be a broken hip or leg injury. It seems he was shattered one piece at a time, probably with a tire iron.

But what amazed me was the strip of duct tape around his neck, covering or sealing a wound over his jugular. Somebody cut this guy’s throat and duct taped his neck to avoid a murder rap, gifting him with unimaginable suffering as he continues to barely exist, killing him by inches.

But wait! To perform all this would require someone to hold him down while another cut and sealed him. They would also need any dark alley, somewhere out of witness and street camera view. I wonder how long they let him bleed before the decided to seal him.

Apparently, he said “Yeah, fuck you too!” to the wrong person, they stopped the car and grabbed him. Simple as that. And from what I’m hearing from him now is the lesson was still not learned.

Of course, the obvious question is, “Is he the only one?” A Google search on this subject gave me a laundry list of killings and beatings of the homeless in Los Angeles If anyone has anymore info on this insanity, please comment.

Had I known he was mutilated to the point of homicide, I would have given him the time of day.

And like the wounded animal in the wild, it would be only a matter of time before someone finishes him off. His only trace of existence, and others I stumble across, are found here in this blog. My heart goes out to him and countless others.

CJ Davidson,

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