The Healing Summer of 2019

Aug 30 – And so, here it is. One day to the year of Karin’s passing and I have come far, both distance-wise and emotionally. It was momentous enough to shoot an anniversary video outside the Piccadilly, where it all ended.

Looking for more closure, I decided to go live and let everyone know how far I’ve come in my recovery and my goals.

I started Karin’s book one year ago, about two weeks before she passed.

It is almost one year to the day it becomes a physical, printed publication. So far it has reached around 10 to 15 family and relatives and has been vied by new fans and friends who would like to help in publishing the book beyond current

It is also a digital pdf in Google Drive that can be emailed and sent to millions to keep Karin-Marie’s precious memories flourishing across the universe.


As I explained in my previous book, Karin-Marie was a cool breeze of positivity, patience, love and healing. In a world of negativity and anger, she was not only my shining light, but a healer of hearts to countless others. The woman spent her last  days of life, reaching out to her ACA sponsee, Gracie Rae on multiple Marco Polo videos.

How do I forget that? How do I let those beautiful acts of sheer humanity, flutter away into the winds of time? I don’t. I follow her lead and spread positivity, healing recovery like she did. I won’t waste the time God has given me to ignore her wisdom and goodness she taught me for over sixteen years.

One thing theologians, quantum theorists, physicists, psychiatrists, etc. all agree on is WE ARE ALL ENERGY! Karin-Marie had lots of energy and I can still feel her energy directing me, guiding me to the next levels of my life, keeping me alive somehow in this insane world of negativity and anger.

Karin’s energy that flows through me, I call my “Spirit Guide”. My spirit guide has directed me back to this toxic city to face my fears, my nightmares and regrets as I pass by The Piccadilly twice a day, every day, glancing at it to maybe see her standing there, in front with our dogs.

But of course, they are not. By now, you’d think I’d know, but I keep glancing, nearly every day.

CJ Davidson,

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