CJ Davidson’s Los Angeles 12/1/23

CJ Davidson’s Los Angeles #1 Vol 1

12/1/23 Living to see this Day


CJ Davidson’s Los Angeles #1 Vol 1 12/1/23 Living to see this Day I’m sitting here recovering from a nasty sinus infection. I was updating the webshow page when I realized I hadn’t touched the “blog” portion in a few years and decided to make public, some of these writings that ooze from my distorted perspective. #blog #blogger #love #fashion #instagram #instagood #photography #follow #lifestyle #style #bloggerstyle #like #blogging #photooftheday #food #beauty #life #bloggers #art #bloggerlife #blogpost #influencer #k #ootd #instadaily #makeup #picoftheday #musically

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Somehow, I survived the utter insanity, violence and brutality by simply flowing with it. I must admit, I enjoyed and blended into the landscape.

As this infection fell down apon me for Thanksgiving, I was nearly killed twice.

On my way to work, I walked into traffic, testing my stupidity and my mortality. I heard a honk but did not bother looking as the car barely missed killing me, brushing my hand as it went by. Was I testing something?


On the bus, I insulted a drug-addict derelict who maced me in my left eye. Luckily there was no permanent damage. But as I flushed out the pepper spray, I asked myself why I did that. Why was I taking so many chances? And most important, “Why was I so mean to this poor slob?”

Everywhere I go in this town, I’m friendly to everyone. I smile to all the homeys and waive at the cops. They know I help seniors and disabled pipples onto the elevator and bus. I’ve been taking metro for years. Nobody really bothers me. Most know me and my look. I don’t have to stress anyone.

I probably won’t see him again, but I feel terrible about being mean to him. He’s probably OD’ing in an alley somewhere.

As I kept a positive outlook this year, I’ve uploaded a number of videos shot from the nasty, corrosive streets of Los Angeles. I do have a video of a guy ODing in the subway.

Can you think of a BETTER video to open this blog?!?!

I thought not.

CJ Davidson,

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