Karin is diagnosed with Brain Cancer, 5-17-18…1 Year Later

www.davcomcj.comthatotherwebshow.comWell here it is this horrible first in a series of one year anniversaries that signaled the beginning of the end of my soulmate, Lovely Karin-Marie. Despite going to therapy, support groups Karin-Marie was diagnosed this week 1 year ago, beginning a battle that was lost from this moment on. This depressing anniversary marks the beginning of a horrible summer of hospital and hospice visits. This firs year of sad anniversaries is the worst of my life. At this time, I just want to join my soulmate in everlasting peace, away from this crumbling world. Rest In Peace, my love. Hopefully, I’ll be with you very you soon. thatotherwebshow.comPerhaps our closest friends, who were there for us from the beginning to the end were Ian Harbilas and his lovely wife, Robin. Coincidentally, they paid us a visit upon seeing the The Afghan Whigs only 2 or three days before. Another coincidence, Dave Rosser, their, guitarist died only the year before. I didn’t mention it while they were there, but it crossed my mind. Here is the last picture of Karin-Marie before the onslaught. Thank you Ian and Robin and your whole family for being such great friends. Bless you all!! Karin-Marie and Marlene at the Hollywood Bowl, Kenny Loggins, 2006 CJ Davidson, Chronicler Like the writing? Please contribute to our
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