Lovely Karin-Marie Jacobi

3/2/19 – Healing my loss for my soulmate.

As I and probably everyone has learned, to keep from grieving endlessly is to keep busy and not think about the pain.

“Pressure Creates Diamonds” – George S. Patton

www.thatotherwebshow.com11/4/18 – Notes from Production
CJ Davidson’s Neptune 9: Season 1 – Webisode 1

Behind every story is an even bigger story, at least that’s what I’ve seen. This is especially true for this story.
It looks like I finally made the Halloween deadline for the Neptune 9 debut.

Since my domestic partner Karin has died of brain cancer in August, it’s been an uphill battle, but somehow I got this far. I’m guessing she has helped me get to this point. I am currently undergoing dermatology tests for a melanoma removal, so the future has become uncertain. I put off my own health concerns earlier this year as I cared for my lady in her final days. 11 months later it is time to face the music and of course, I’m scared of what they will find. On one hand, I keep the faith and put everything into God’s hands as Karin would have me do.

This project has truly defined who I am and where I have been…and of course, where I am going. I’ve come full circle to tell a tale that encompasses a non-forgiving and cruel city. It is here I found my strength and resolve.  It has brought out the best in me, the worst and the humanity within my soul. 

Please read about the struggle, the pain and the redemption in Our Story: The Strength and Courage of Karin-Marie Jacobi.

I have also completed a memorial slideshow featuring family and friends. It includes Karin’s last videos, voice mails and photos from her Samsung phone. I hope these memories last as long as possible and that they find their way into the hearts of those who loved her, like me.

CJ Davidson, Karin’s soulmate for 16 years.

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