Month: January 2019

CJ's Story

CJ’s Story – Staying in Hawaii

Despite the fact I had an interview for a good-paying Digital Marketing Assistant position in Los Angeles, I decided to stay in Hawaii.

The deciding factor of course, was seeing my mother using a walker after a week’s consumption of vodka. Before she didn’t have to use one and it hit me hard. She finally (paused) drinking after realizing she could no longer walk.

Add that to the fact I was going to gamble and go for it without any means of support, food or housing told me there was no gong back.  It was tough to survive the streets in my thirties and I know damn well I could not survive in the shape I was now in. The streets of LA are hard and cold this time of winter.

I had unfinished business in Los Angeles and it would just have to wait.

https://www.thatotherwebshow.comPrecious friends like Lorena, Darren and Ian convinced me I was making the right decision. I had to get my health back so I could help my mother in her final years. I was in a rush to leave this sinking ship, not realizing that I may have the power to keep it afloat for just a little while longer.

I came here for this exact reason and I will try to see it through. (left, my mother and I back in 2006 in front of the Hustler Casino. Back in the days of flowing money, love and good times.)

I now understand Mom’s anger was fueled not only by pure vodka, but by the idea she would never see me again. After losing my brother to anger, I now know I should remain with her for just a little while longer. I guess this is where I belong for the time being. Isn’t strange how these things happen for a reason?

A lady in my Al Anon group called me an “Al Anon Ninja” for my patience, and handling of my raging mother. I take pride in that knowing AA, experience and Karin taught me these redeeming traits. Clearly they have salvaged my relationship with my mother, my stepfather and possibly my brother, if we ever meet again.

Whoa, CJ. One miracle at a time.

It was now time for me to get what I had put off for over twenty years…a knee replacement. I would either be blessed with a new and improved knee or I would be confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of my life.

But I have been instructed by my counselors that I need to think positive, which I am slowly learning to do, as Karin had taught me, finally. Besides, the methodology and medical procedures are much more advanced and prone to higher levels of success…I pray.

CJ out.

News & Perspective

Unity 3D Development for the Neptune 9

https://www.thatotherwebshow.comWell, its been a rough year, but as you all can see from the work samples, I didn’t let it slow me down…not even foot surgery to remove a tumor. The results are not in yet, but my faith in God tells me it will be benign and totally fine.

Fortunately, my profession allows me to develop games, animate my web series and bring in money using Karin’s Lenovo. And now, thanks to Karin’s Android (I bought for her birthday in 2017), I can now develop my Neptune 9 characters for gaming purposes. As I test market my Neptune 9 web series, I’m finding the same responses…

  1. “This looks like animation found on Adult Swim
  2. “This looks like a cool video game!”

And so, without further ado, I simply took 2 online video courses for developing Unity 3D to Android and iOS devices. As the video shows:
My First Android Game Build

Despite my disabilities, and setbacks, I have continued the dream, As Karin would have me.

I can’t believe I have kept it together this long as I have. Between the tragedy of last year and my current health issues, I find keeping my mind on my work defers my depression.

Luckily I have the generic Percotets that I eat like candy. I noticed that if I mix them with Tramadol and THC vapes, my dreams get hyper-insane. I’ seem to go back to my child hood stomping grounds, searching for God knows what.

From what I’m told, most of my hometown is under water and most of my childhood friends are either dead or discounted to oblivion. I’m not sure I even recognized anyone since I haven’t been back there in 3o years.

I realize this is all drivel written while I watch Schitt’s Creek. Its funny enough to forget the pain, but whimsical enough to keep my mind non-focused. I’m especially glad it can me laughing and giggling uncontrollably.