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This Memorial Day our Hearts are
ALWAYS with them!!
mana and dog Veterans Rule!
It is 
the VETERAN,  not the reporter, 
who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the 
salutes the Flag,
Veteran 1 Wheelchair
The VeteranIt is the VETERAN,  not the reporter, 
who has given us freedom of the press
It is 
not the campus organizer, 
who has given us freedom to assemble. 

It is 
not the lawyer, 
who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is 
who serves 
under the Flag,

proud if this email reached
as many as possible.
We can be very 
proud of our young men &
women in the service no matter
where they serve. 

Bless them all!!!
Makes you proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!

Happy Memorial Day to all!


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Dubya Memoirs
Dubya Memoir

Finding Wonderland
DVD Review
Reviewing A Bit of the Old "Ultra-Violence"
by CJ Davidson university“So what the heck happened to”
First of all I would like to thank GoDaddy for a fabulous 4.75 (out of 6) years of EXCELLENT service. Having said that, the obvious question would follow...

In December of 2008, I was sent an email stating was going to “migrate” my site to another server on January (1), 2009. I was very appreciative to’s considerate emails and thought nothing of it. After January first, I was shocked to learn MULTITUDES of files were missing from the TOWS FTP, specifically the current files for the new year of 2009. I also checked the statistics to find the entire YEAR of 2008 were GONE. More...

blowpriestThe Trouble with Catholicism by CJ Davidson As I was bombarded on every network by images of flock gathering for miles to viddy a glimpse of their shepherd’s putrefying flesh, I suddenly flashed back to ninth grade to days before Karol Wojtla, AKA, Pope John Paul II (PJP2) was sworn in. I was attending a catholic high school and we set up a mock Cardinal Conclave in my Religion class (the males only).

I won cardinal most likely to sneak a kilo of hash into the Vatican as well as next Pope most likely to win. The cardinal I posed as wasn’t the cardinal who won, but I enjoyed what fun you could have within a theocratic parochial school. At least this one had girls. (Tense, uptight and quite frustrated, but they were girls) Yippee!

The NoHo Shootout in Perspective
Critiqued & Expounded By CJ Davidson

High-Incident BanditsCritical Situation Series Producer: Bill Katz
North Hollywood Shootout Segment:
Produced & Directed by Jim Nally

The first thing that shattered my thoughts as the carnage unfolded before my eyes was,
“If ONLY I could clone these guys! I could take over the world!!!” ~ CJ Davidson
It was Feb 28, 1997, I sat desolate on Rose Avenue, somewhere between the rock and the Red Rocket; there occurred a nasty incident here in Los Angeles. As I sat in my chair, very well impoverished, I witness on LIVE television one of the most audacious events in Los Angeles or even U.S. Law Enforcement Crime history. Right down the road from me, I watched in awe as Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Matasareanu, aka The High Incident Bandits, literally brought the Los Angeles Police Department to their knees.

carlinGeorge Carlin - My Non Genetic Father
- Perspective By CJ Davidson  
  No. He’s not my father. But he might as well have been.
            Like George Carlin, I was raised in a totalitarian Catholic environment, intolerant of questions or individual thoughts.
            “At the age of enlightenment, I realized that religion was all bullshit…at about twelve years old.”
            How enlightened, indeed. As a staunch Irish catholic it took some guts to actually stand up and say, “Hey! Wait a minute. Your mind-fucking us!” For in those days of Howdy-Doody and Captain Kangaroo where all good buys and girls do as their told, Carlin said, “I don’t buy it.”
 I would know. I said the same thing. I still do. Religion is a fraud that has used and abused people since its inception.
That is not to say, SPIRITUALITY is dead. On the contrary, it is the CONSCIONCE of George Carlin and I to DEFY ridicule, scorn, and every church-manufactured condemnation to WARN folks that THINKING for themselves is a good thing. It is intellectually FREE people that QUESTION their institutions, in the hopes of bettering ourselves and perhaps our nation.

A Coup D' eTat - Adult Fiction by CJ Davidson Ever wondered what would happen if the office simply let itself go into a wild, sexual and bizarre liberated freakout? No? Well I have! And here is my spin on everyday worklife when too many hallucinations take over.

thompsonTrubute to Hunter S. Thompson - My Beloved Gonzo is Gone by CJ Davidon A legend in journism bit the dust in 2k5. Hunter S. Thompson had been my idol since 6th grade, inspiring me to expose and write shit that regular human beings would not dare to dream. Lifting up those poilical rocks and cesspool lids to see the putrid reality we are forced to accept...or not.

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