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What is That Other Web Show?
I envisioned, at first like a digital Time magazine, when it was more factual and less gossipy. As the title describes, it emits a certain “otherness”, that is is differentiates itself from other web shows as a hybrid. That is, it functions as a news outlet and a scripted variety show, entertaining as it informs.

Keeping this web show alive has allowed me to focus on local, national and international events to report upon. While being here in Los Angeles, I’ve stumbled across some gnarly stories of human depravity, despair and depression. Angst oozes from the pores of Hollywood as the charred bones of runaways, the damaged and the weak are tucked away in it’s putrid alleys.

Raven Death of a Hollywood Beauty- 5-8-2k10

Interview w/ Of Bitter Blowers 10-23-2k10

Mistress Crystal Makes her UnHoly Debut 5-1-2k10

As you can see from some of my earlier reports, I have delved into the muck of Los Angeles, witnessing some pretty cruel shit.

The Raven story, for example

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