From 2008 to the present, That Other Web Show has kept you abreast of current events as well as local and international bands.

Some Kick-Ass Productions

As the steel wheels of time turned and churned, CJ Davidson has covered events, conventions and bands like a ferocious dingo!

Go Ask Allison Episode 3, Part 1

400+ viewers. Allison Margolin, law partner Raza Lawrence, Jen Reeder & Baby Aurora into total viewer interaction. View

March 2008 War Protest

It was the fifth year of the Iraq War and Southern California was at a breaking point.


ASA: Lost in WeHo

CJ & Terri begin their adventure in a seedy We-Ho Starbucks, then joined the ASA meeting of cannabis vendors. God Help us!


6-24-2k11 Luau on the Strip - DOTR 3

One of our best shows, Death on The Radio, at Darren MJ Miller-Pfeufer's Self-Inflicted Show.


KKBB/Boardner's: Jenna Syde & The Watchers 2

LIVE from Kitty Kitty Bang Bang! Video by James Truax


KKBB/Boardner's Promo

Live Broadcast Promo for Hollywood's Boardner's of Hollywood


KKBB/Boardner's: Turbo Sunshine Interview 9-4-2k12

CJ Davidson interviews Turbo Sunshine at Boardners. Video by James Truax.


Los Angeles Showcase

It is my pleasure to present some of the most diverse entities within Los Angeles Culture
without whom this project could not have become a reality.
Thank you all!