Happy Halloween! TOWS is proud to present Darkest Jack Ritchie: Darkest Hours Episode 13! We better dig up something extra special for this UN-lucky episode. How about we take you Halloween loathers on a trip to a world renowned Haunt?

The largest Haunt in the world to boot! Join us as we embark on a journey into the darkness known as Knott's Halloween Haunt! Every year America's first theme park undergoes a terrifying transformation. Tonight's episode is a wild ride into the monster infested shadows. Darkest Jack talks with the ghouls, wanders into the mazes, digs up all the gory details, and gets the low down on the event known as The Hanging. This episode will give you quite a fright and show you what Haunt is all about! For you creeps that know what Haunt's about already well, then you know what a must see episode this is! Watch the Darkest Hours every Sunday at 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST) on The Kreepy Kastle! www.kreepykastle.com

TOWS TOP 5 Halloween Bands for 2014

1. The Rhythm Coffin

The Sobaire Show Presents - The Rhythm Coffin UNDEAD!

Perhaps one of the most dedicated bands in the Gothic genre in the whole Los Angeles area, The Rhythm Coffin band has established a solid fan base with a nice string of original graveyard tunes. I first met them in 2010, shooting bands throughout LA during the Batcave and KGB days. After seeing them perform and hearing their haunting melodies, I knew these ghouls were the real deal! Be sure to check them out this year at the Queen Mary on October 18th starting around 7 or 8pm. Truly a show to die for!

2. Rosemary's Billygoat

Pizza of Darkness at South Bay Customs

A true visual goth band if ever there was one, Rosemary's Billygoat pulls out all the stops. Armed to the teeth with some of the hardest hitting metal and a stage show that uses bizarre props for nearly every song, Billygoat captures the embodiment of "evil darkness" with clever humor and interactive dialogue with the audience. To say Rosemary's Billygoat packs a compete show would be an understatement. Be sure to check them out when you can

3. Igor Spectre

Bruise Knife (Adam Bomb version)

One of my favorite goth bands here in LA, Igor Spectre provides one of the most entertaining shows I have yet to witness. Complete with a camp, zesty rock-a-billy beats and an overall feeling of "optimistic gloom", Igor music and show are filled with spirit and originality. Their videos are hypnotic and their costumes suggest a steampunk texture that flows well with each brilliant show. If you see them playing, don't miss them!

#4. Batlord

Undertaker" on The Darkest Hours

Jack Ritchie of Darkest Hours says of Batlord, "On bat wings they descended on The Mansion to perform a TERROR-ific set of music! Of-corpse we are talking about the incomparable BATLORD! In this KILLER clip they perform the classic "Undertaker"! It's a performance to DIE for!" And indeed they are. Pumping out goth metal like no other, Batlord performs with a creepy, ominous energy that spreads like Ebola throughout the audience. Sparked with originality and gumption, Batlord delivers what most bands of their genre fail to deliver...hard hitting lyrics, dynamite music and a great show to boot!

#5. Postmodern Jukebox and Puddles Pity Party

Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice" Version) Lorde Cover

A Combined work of Postmodern Jukebox and Puddles Pity Party, this superbly done melody mixed with the intense clown effect had me gasping for air! I was enthralled at the golden voice of Puddles Pity Party and the overpowering instrumental of PostModern Jukebox.The song is smooth, mellow and cutting, diving deep into dreams, an accepting perspective of life while dipping heavily into regret and wishful thinking. Of the criteria of music quality, image originality, song impact and band chemistry, these folks have it all nailed down rather well.

Bigotry at the border: Really, now!

During the immigration crisis, the ugly side of America reared it's ugly head and showed us the true meaning of hatred.

Op-ED by CJ Davidson

Last month, racist protesters turned away busses of children escaping violence and poverty, leaving their parents to die a certain death. Without mentioning the bloody mess left by the legacy of our glorious CIA, we focus here on our immigration policies designed specifically for this problem. Our immigration policy was, at one time a safe haven from such atrocities. Now we have bigots at the gates, running our country using violence and fear. I suggested less inbreeding to remedy this genetic mistake. I liked Claire Park's response enough to publish it.

Op-ED by Claire Park

Bigots have other bigots with which to breed (hence inbreeding becoming more and more of an issue). Although, I am always amused at bigots insanely ridiculous complaints. In the past, they were based on radical stereotypes that meant to demean and vilify. Now, they're inching closer and closer to their complaints reflecting double standards and cognitive dissonance. They're getting all uppity about pda's between queer people, because the more pda's displayed, the less shocked people tend to become and see it as normal behavior from strangers. Eventually, like with deeply racist comments from our parents and grandparents, the bigoted point of view of lgbt qia people will no longer be normalized because they will have real world experiences to refute baseless accusations. And then, without the backing of friends and family these people will be forced to either reevaluate their beliefs, be shunned in society, or to seethe in quiet rage by themselves or in quiet corners with others. Mostly, I find that when one is surrounded by diversity, they are forced to reevaluate their beliefs and change to acknowledge the new information.

Defying the News Blackout P1 -
March 2nd, 2014 The Keystone XL Pipeline Protest in Washington DC.

Featuring Voting Doesn’t Matter and Other Political Lies by Margarita Mercure Hibbs & Photography by Jenna Pope: Cops Out or Queers in! Protest @ The St. Patrick's Day Parade.
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Defying the News Blackout P2 - April 21-25, 2014 Cowboy Indian Alliance: Ride To Washington D.C. Reject & Protect Keystone XL Protest. Featuring Rene Abril's Men and Women, Equal and Different. & Photography by Jenna Pope. (Read More)

Defying the News Blackout P3. May 28, 2014 Cowboy and Indian Alliance Plant Sacred Ponca Corn in the Path of the Keystone XL Pipeline. PLUS A Farewell Casey "Shaggy" Kasem - A Tribute to a multi-faceted Talent "This time I could feel the jolt of time quake beneath my feet as one the last icons of my youth passed from this dimension. The man I speak of is indeed the one and only Casey Kasem. It will be a week, this Sunday, (June 15, 2014) that one of my inspirations and favorite announcer and voice-over master died on Father’s Day. That man knew how to go out with a bang. That was poor taste, but I’m sure even his poor kids would consider that true after remembering his remarkable career". by CJ Davidson. (Read More)

Luxurious Fragrances of Hawaii